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The Only Introduction is of Park

Bin Qasim Park originally known as `Bhaag-Ibne-Qasim `is located at the Old Clifton Beach of Karachi city, Pakistan. It was inaugurated on 27 February, 2007 by the president of Pakistan General Pervez Musharaf. Its area lining the 3.7 kilometers coast of Karachi was formerly a Toyland park that was revamped and given the shape of this beautiful tourist amusement. This place takes its name after notable Muslim conqueror Muhammed Bin Qasim of 8th century.

Treat Yourself by the Specialty of ‘Bin Qasim Park

Stretched over an area of 130 acres this place will become favourite of nature’s green treasures’ lovers. This park has the esteemed honour of being the largest park in South Asia. It’s not only the area that makes it unique but also green plantations spread over the whole area in the form of lush green lawns dotted with rosebushes and exotic plants, thus creating a pleasing to eyes landscape. This beauty is one step further enhanced with attractions like turtle pond, play areas, stone structures and last but not the least huge impressive dinosaur sculptures. For foodies it also has food courts.

Nearby Attractions of ‘Bin Qasim Park’
The biggest Asian park is Bin Qasim Park

  • Jahangir Kothari Parade is surrounding this park which is located in the Beach Clifton area which has two major structures namely a promenade pavilion and a pier which is named in commemoration of Indo Pak governor’s wife Lady Lloyd.
  • Karachi Port Trust Fountain overlooks this park soaring to a height of 190 meters and is known to be third tallest fountain in the world. It can not only be seen from the park but also from many parts of the hub city of Karachi. Quite a height!
  • Clifton Beach Park is also nearby this place which is a small garden.
  • Sri Ratneswar Mahadev’s Temple also lies near this place.
  • Ninth century Sufi Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s tomb is also just near to this park on a hilltop near Clifton Beach, Karachi. This shrine is perched at an elevation thronged by devotees from all over Pakistan.

TripAdvisor and Tourists

Asif R, a Top Contributor analyzed the park as just, “Bin Qasim Park is one of the biggest parks of the city in Clifton area and the dim lighting creates dramatic look at night.”

Sahira M, a Senior Contributor analyzed the park as just, “loved this park – must see place!! Do visit it – u wont be disappointed – right opposite park towers so close to the mall!”

RobinMitha, a Senior Contributor analyzed the park as just, “this is rated as one of Asia’s largest parks. It’s very green and orderly. This high point is that it is on the sea front (almost) and has a bit of history as it houses a pier built in the days of the Raj. Located near the entrance there is also a very old hindu temple that is a must see. You need atleast an hour to walk around and soak it all up.”

Let My Virtual Experience Go

Having heard a lot about this park’s beauty I decided to visit it online and explore about its much talked about mesmerizing charm. Luckily I got a chance to share my experience with many readers of this site who may like to know about this place.

It was so joyful to look at the aerial view of Bin Qasim Park that showed acres and acres of land all covered with pavements and huge green patches as if giving me a sense of infinite pleasure. It looks even more enchanting at night when whole of the lit park mimics star studded vast sky.

I have developed even more penchant for visiting this park in person and found out that it is indeed a beautiful place and whatever I heard was correct. I am really impressed by the architecture of this site and will advise readers to click some of their photos with a backdrop of this place.

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