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The Only Introduction is of Museum

The Castle of the Holly Angel or as commonly known Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome, Italy is a cylindrical building that initially served as Emperor Hadrian’s mausoleum, then as a castle and fortress by the popes until today, where it operates as a museum in Parco Adriano. It was constructed on the right banks of the Tiber River but the precise year isn’t signified. However, it is placed between 130A.D. -139 A.D. The early 14th century found the building converted to a castle by the popes and was connected to the popular St. Peter’s Basilica.

Treat Yourself by the Specialty of ‘Castel Sant’Angelo

The view from the roof of the Castel is spectacular and most people visit the castle at the end of their day, when they can chill out and enjoy moments of tranquility at the roof cafe. Moreover, visitors are allowed to freely walk around the entire grounds, thus making the whole sightseeing a lot more convenient and pleasurable. Dan Brown’s book has drawn a lot of attention to the castle and many tourists travel all their way there to see the location of the Angels and Demons.

Nearby Places of ‘Castel Sant’AngeloFront View of Castel Sant'Angelo

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  • The roof of the Sant’ Angelo houses an impressive statue of Archangel St. Michael as a tribute to an ancient plague that struck Rome and was ended due to the angel’s apparition.
  • St. Peter’s Basilica is worldwide known tourist attraction and the world’s largest church that is a breath-taking achievement of Renaissance architecture.
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TripAdvisor and Physical Tourists

Oborozuki, a Senior Contributor analyzed the Museum surroundings as just, “Tourism can be exhausting—trudging up and down the many stairs at the Colloseum, or climbing the many steps to the roof of the Duomo, etc… one tires out. The many, many passageways leading to the “sanctum sanctorum” of the Sistine Chapel, constitute a pretty long haul. The legs tire, but there is still left to wait in line, once more, to see the Pieta, not to mention the walk around St. Peter’s square to see all the interesting things there to be seen such as the little puffy wind faces on the pavement of the square itself. One way to relax away from all this viewing of objects is to head directly east from the square on the Via della Conciliazione toward the Castel Sant’Angelo. When you reach this marvelous building—the tomb of the Emperor Hadrian– you will be standing in front of the beautiful Ponte Sant’ Angelo, a bridge constructed in 134 AD.” Read Full Review

Let My Virtual Experience Go

Although Castel Sant’Angelo is among the sights I’d like to see, as the claims about the magnificent view have really triggered my mind, I wouldn’t forget to make a wish at Fontana di Trevi and walk down the stone paved roads of St. Peter’s Basilica and Centro Storico. Furthermore, the Colosseum and Piazza Navona are places that would certainly get votes up.

When it comes to recommendations, the Monte Pincio Gardens and Roseto Comunale are fine places to relax and get away from the city’s fast paces. The Villa Torlonia is absolutely stunning and the same applies to the Tiber River boat tour. Kids will love the Aquapiper and the Appian Way is the perfect place for biking and walking.

Rome is definitely a place to visit and is full of mastery architectural artifacts and majestic historic places. However, the Castel Sant’Angelo’s interior is said to be poor, compared to other fortresses and English speaking visitors say that they find it hard to understand the given information. I guess it all comes down to each one’s personal experience, next time we head to Italy!

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