Jinnah International Airport, Karachi – Pakistan

The Only Introduction is of Airport

Jinnah International Airport is the largest airport in Pakistan, located in Karachi. It is used primarily for both domestic and international flights, having a capacity to hold 12 million passengers annually. This highly organized airport has one main terminal which is divided into two concourses under the names of Jinnah East Satellite Concourse and Jinnah West Satellite Concourse. The former being used to render services for international flights whereas the latter being used for domestic trajectories.

Passengers Information

Individuals interested to enter Pakistan territory should hold a valid visa and a valid passport. The former can be obtained through Pakistani Consulates present abroad. However, individuals should contact Pakistani Embassies present overseas to acquire relevant visa requirements which differ from one country to the other. Departing Passengers must have an embarking card to ensure their departure from the country, as the absence of this card would mean restriction by Airport Authorities to get on board. Special services are also available for disabled passengers in the form of wheel chairs.

Services and Facilities

Shopping arcades are available which offer a wide range of products with affordable prices. Food services are being provided by several restaurants and staff canteens present at both international and domestic lounges. Fax Facility is also available at Concourse Hall 1 which can be helpful for tourists to send any important documents to their desired locations promptly. Similarly, financial services are also provided in the form of banking services, money exchangers and ATMs. Tourists can also store their luggage temporarily which would relieve them of the fear associated with luggage loss.

Nearby Places of ‘Jinnah International Airport’

There are few sights present near the Airport premises:Arrival Lounge of Jinnah International Airport

  • MacDonalds is a fast food chain restaurant providing delicious hamburgers for its customers, catering with their food requirements in an highly appropriate way.
  • Mosque Building presence makes it highly convenient for Muslim tourists to offer their prayers.
  • DHL is a World Market Leader in terms of air and sea mail services. Tourists can received required stuff promptly through DHL.
  • Maternity Child Clinic provides health services which are primarily aimed for children.
  • Wall Street Exchange Company is a major Exchange Company in Pakistan. It aims to stabilize the Foreign Exchange Market in the country.

TripAdvisor and Physical Tourists

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Let My Virtual Experience Go

Umar is my best friend who was getting married in December, 2012. He sent me his wedding invitation and made it quite clear that I have to attend it by all means. I have no other option but to pack my belongings, book my reservations and set off to Karachi. We are childhood friends and my intentions were not to disappoint him by marking an absence on this special occasion. I could sense the excitement in his voice when I informed him about my departure to Karachi.

I planned to benefit from this tour as much as possible. Therefore, I decided to visit some spectacular tourist sights in the city. Port Grand tops my list. It provides an extensive area of food street with various facilities and spectacular harbor views for an highly entertaining experience. However, I found Clifton Beach less attractive. It is mainly because, it has been severely affected due to an oil spill in 2003. This oil release has deteriorated this silver sand beach to a great extent.

However, I found Jinnah International Airport and overall this city more than my expectations. There has been highly adequate developments by Government Authorities across the city which has improved the infrastructure facilities to a major extent. I would surely recommend everyone to give a visit to this lovely urban centre, as it would make them familiar about Pakistani culture and also provides an highly entertaining tourist experience.

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