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The Only Introduction is of Airport

Kuala Lumpur International Airport is the 5th busiest international airport in Asia. It is located in Sepang state and holds 35 million passengers along with 1.2 million tonnes of cargo, on an annual basis. It has three terminal under the names of Main Terminal, Satellite Terminal and Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT). Main Terminal serves both international and domestic flights whereas Satellite terminal provides services solely for international passengers. LCCT is a temporary terminal designed to cater with the requirements of low budget airlines.

Passengers Information

Tourists should acquire visa requirements from their Malaysian Embassy located in their respective countries. It is because, its requirements depends upon the nationality an individual possess. On the other hand, all arriving passengers are required to pass through the arrival concourse located at level 3. Departure level is located on level 5 where departing passengers, holding boarding passes will only be allowed to enter departure lounges. However, all departure passengers should make sure that they arrive at the departure lounge 30 minutes prior to their departing time.

Kuala Lumpur International

Services and Facilities

Kuala Lumpur International Airport Authorities have ensured tourist convenience by providing all necessary services and facilities on its premises. Hotels are available on Main Terminal and Satellite Terminal to provide accommodation facilities. There are numerous snack bars, fast food chains, restaurants and shops available to cater with all essential requirements except on Low Cost Carrier Terminal which lacks tourist facilities development. Police Authorities can be informed at +60(0)3 8787 2222 in case of baggage loss. However, there are luggage safes available on Satellite Terminal to temporarily store travelers belongings.

Nearby Places of ‘Kuala Lumpur International Airport’

There are several sights available near the Airport Facility:

  • PETRONAS is a Malaysian Oil and Gas Company which was founded on August 17, 1974. It primarily serves fuel requirements for all transport vehicles.
  • Malaysian Grand Prix offers an highly entertaining racing experience for all individuals.
  • Malaysian Aviation Academy provides courses that train individuals with technical skills and Aviation Management.
  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport-tourism Centre provides a platform of all necessary information for tourists.

TripAdvisor and Physical Tourists

There is some forum discussion about the Airport, which is mentioned here to know some kind of suggestions on physical tourists’ behalf:

Maic, a Reviewer answered about the Airport as just, “Just take an airport limo. There are ticket counters just after you pass customs. Do not patronize touts who pester you for taxi services. Depending on what time you get out after baggage claim, you might get a mid night surcharge.”

AlexMcca, a Reviewer answered about the Airport as just, “There is no swimming pool in Airside Transit Hotel, so you need to go to Pan Pacific Hotel for the unlimited use of its 24 hours health club facility which includes swimming pool for RM 26 per person.”

Let My Virtual Experience Go

I worked hard to convince my parents for a family tour to Kuala Lumpur in our winter holidays. It is mainly because, I have heard so much about this beautiful city which compels me to experience its spectacular views with my own eyes. My hard work did pay off when my father confirmed our airline and hotel reservations there. I have planned everything to make this visit quite memorable.

After leaving the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, I have visited many tourist sights in Kuala Lumpur Architectural, Cultural. The most thrilling experience was in Malaysian Grand Prix where drivers were fighting hard for their destinies. The surrounding air was filled with an immense sense of excitement with people roaring and hooting for their favorite drivers. Meanwhile. I also visited Dewan Filharmonik where I listened to the most beautiful orchestra. Everything was perfect to acquire best possible musical experience there.

I found this salient city more than my expectations. There have been highly appropriate developments by Government Authorities across the city. It also holds lovely sights for tourists which reflects a visual demonstration of heaven on earth. I would recommend everyone to surely give a visit to Kuala Lumpur which would make them realize about Malaysian culture besides gaining lots of excitement.

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