Manora Island, Karachi – Pakistan

The Only Introduction is of Island

Located at the South of the Port of Karachi, Pakistan.  Manora Island is a small peninsula stretching over an area of 2.5 km². Ottoman Admiral Seydi Ali Reis once visited it and mentioned this isle’s name in his book titled ‘Mirat-ul-Memalik’ back in the year 1554. In the year 1889 a light house was built here during the age British occupancy due to the strategic importance of this island being along the Port of Karachi in the Arabian Sea. Pakistan Navy has been using this island as their main base for more than a span of 50 years.

Treat Yourself by the Specialty of ‘Manora Island

Here in this island you can find Varun Der’s temple known locally as ‘Shri Varun Dev Mandir’ made in devotion to oceans’ god in Hinduism. This building is not in use now and that is why its outlook is dilapidated due to non maintenance. At present this temple is under the custody of Hindi Council of Pakistan. This isle is also a popular spot for a picnic as it is lined with beaches at its Southern edge which are extending and in turn meeting the beaches of Sandspit and Hawksbay, Karachi. The lighthouse in this island discussed earlier is supposed to be the tallest lighthouse in Pakistan reaching a height of 28 meters that was built in the reign of Britishers. It can clearly be spotted with its distinct appearance of having red and white stripes painted on its walls. Moreover, If you like to have delicious fresh fish then this is the place to go for.

Nearby Attractions of ‘Manora Island’

The places that you can explore in addition this isle are:Manora or Manoro Island in Karachi

  • Beach town of Keamari that is located at the east of it where Keamari Railway station can also be found.
  • Bhit Island that’s towards North West of this island and if you move further along North you will reach Baba Island.
  • KPT Mosque which is located at the Eastern side of this place.
  • Mangrove forests that are also located near this isle.

TripAdvisor and Physical Tourists

Physical Tourists of Manora Island, couldn’t be found in TripAdvisor in these times.

Let My Virtual Experience Go

I started my virtual tour for the reason to let people explore this place by sharing some words of my experience. This place being an island was for sure going to impress me as I am also a fan of beauty of beaches especially of islands.

When you stand on the beach of Manora you can clearly see the temple standing from distance which attracts you to go near it and explore it. The light house is also interesting and I personally would love to climb up the stairs inside it being an adventurous soul. At the end when the evening will set in I would like to see the sun setting and giving a view as if sinking in the infinity of the Arabian Sea.

It was overall a good experience, and I would recommend readers to visit Manora Island whenever they get a chance to be in Karachi. I would like to share a caution that I came across while virtually visiting it and that is to refrain from the sea water in the period from May to August, and try to enjoy on the land area as the sea is ferocious during these months.

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