Villa Borghese the Second Biggest Park, Rome – Italy

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Located in Rome, Italy at Piazzale Flaminio, Villa Borghese is a beautiful park which anyone would not want to miss when they visit the area. It was originally a vineyard held privately until 1605, when it was turned into a park for the pope’s nephew. However, it was still given the Borghese name after its private owners due to the respect the area held for the Borghese family and with the condition that this park would be one the biggest and the best in which people could visit. Since 1605, there have been many changes made to this park to make it a main tourist attraction for those who visit. These changes include adding more sights to the park including roller skating parks and skateboarding parks, to the construction of art museums inside .

Treat Yourself by the Specialty of ‘Villa Borghese’

Those who have a chance to visit are going to be astounded with the number of activities they can do while inside the park. The three secret gardens of the are two areas in which a visitor will not want to miss. Secret gardens are a long-standing tradition within gardens in Rome and were particularly popular during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. These secret gardens were meant to be used only for special guests and were a place of relaxation. Within the , there is the Giardino dei Melangoi, which roughly translates to the garden of bitter oranges, the Flower Garden, and the third garden, which has no name, yet contains the Meridiana mansion, a beautiful sight not to be missed.

Those who are interested in art will find the Art Museum located within the limits of to be of interest. This art museum was once the resting place of several pieces of art held dear by the royalty of Rome, Italy. The building itself is something in which most tourists marvel at. The time and dedication put into this building make it something of a piece of art on its own. Tickets do have to be purchased in order to visit the Art Museum within the park, but it is an admission fee that is well worth the price.

Nearby Places of ‘Villa Borghese’

Villa Borghese the Second Biggest Park of Rome

  •  Sofitel Rome is a five star hotel located within walking distance of the park, and includes great views of the park from rooms facing the street. Along with the distance to , the hotels offers a restaurant on sight and offers some of the best living quarters throughout Italy.
  • Chinappi is an Italian seafood restaurant located outside the garden, which offers real Italian food at prices most everyone can afford.
  •  Hotel Garden is located outside the garden offering a four star rating and a cozy ambiance.
  • Rome Cabs is located a few blocks down the street offering transportation to any place within Rome that a tourist needs to get to.
  • II Gabriello offers great tasting food at affordable prices. This restaurant is designed for intimate business lunches, romantic dinners and boasts a fine array of desserts for those with a sweet tooth.

TripAdvisor and Physical Tourists

Ayelet S, a Senior Reviewer analyzed the park as just, “huge grounds to walk around in, greenery, trees, and includes the zoo, which was unfortunately closed the day we went-christmas day. Highly recommend the park!

Sandinmyshoes1, a Senior Contributor analyzed the park as just, “So much to learn about this family! Take the tour so that you can share in the facts surrounding their generations of Roman history. And the surrounding park that they donated to today’s city is lovely as well!

SAMCharleston, a Senior Contributor analyzed the park as just, “Set in a park, the villa is full of paintings and sculptures. There is also a small cafe and gift shop, a great place to spend a few hours. The only negative is that you only get 2 hours in the museum itself, and that isn’t enough time. Be sure to make reservations ahead of time online, or ask the concierge at your hotel to help you do so.”

Let My Virtual Experience Go

I first began planning my trip to utilizing any online site I could find. Luckily, I was able to find numerous reviews detailing what I should see, what restaurants to go to and the like. After performing my research, I made a list of everything I wanted to see and experience inside , as well as outside the garden walls.

After arriving at , I was simply amazed at the attraction and all that went into making this more than just a simple garden. Walking along the trials through Villa Borghese, I saw various types of birds and plants. I did enjoy the Art Museum located within the park, and found it to be one of those attractions, which is an attraction on its own, thus I would recommend seeing this on its own during one day.

The met the expectations that I had developed while researching. There were beautiful sights and many days filled with fresh air. I would recommend any tourist to visit , as it is a great way to spend a day within nature, yet close to the city. However, I do recommend a person bring their best walking shoes as there is a ton of area to cover and without the proper foot attire, it can be very painful.

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